Saturday, December 19, 2009

The first foray into frozen hijinx.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ice Raptors of Thorus

Abandoned on the frozen world of Thorus after a warp storm swallowed the planetary body whole, the remnants of a small force of Ultramarines and the native population were forgotten.

500 years later, the warp releases it's grip on the cursed world and it's inhabitants. Along with the reappearance of Thorus, strange phenomenon have begun to take place in neighboring sectors... Reports of ghosts appearing in the midst of battle to aid those in need; Xenos attack parties butchered in an instant by unseen forces; Dozens of Astartes vehicles disappearing without a trace.

Indeed, the Space Marines that were trapped on Thorus's surface are changed men... for 500 years in real space could have been thousands of years in the warp.

The Ice Raptors appear as phantoms, striking quickly against the enemies of the Emperor with weapons and tactics previously unseen. The Ice Raptors disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Despite their faith in the Emperor, Terra has deemed the Ice Raptors of Thorus to be too tainted by the warp to be trusted and are thus ordered to be exterminated on sight. Battle reports show that Imperial skirmishes with the Ice Raptors are short lived and insubstantial. Any force that the Ice Raptors use against Imperial forces are non-lethal, typically leaving a unit of lightly injured and confused men and a lot of broken/missing equipment.

Visual reports state that the Ice Raptors don power armor that shimmers with a ghostly blue. Their skin appears to be dark brown and thick, more akin to the primal inhabitants of Thorus, then the pale skin tones of Ultramar. Their eyes also appear to glow a fiery orange in the dark... this further adds to their ghostly appearance.



Captain Trauhn – Bike, Power Weapon, MeltaBombs(155)


Ice Raptor Attack Squad – (195)

4 Bikes – Sarge w/p. weapon, 1 melta, 1 flamer (145)

1 Attack Bike – Multimelta (50)

Ice Raptor Attack Squad – (305)

8 Bikes – Sarge w P.Fist ,1 melta, 1 flamer (255)

1 Attack Bike – Multimelta (50)

10 Scouts – Sgt Telion, MissileLauncher, Camo (230)

10 Scouts – Hvy Bolter, Camo(180)

Fast Attack

5 Scout Bikes – 3 Grenade launchers, Cluster Bombs, MeltaBombs (155)

Landspeeder Squadron – (270)

Hvy Bolter w/Assault Cannon(90)

Hvy Bolter w/Assault Cannon(90)

Hvy Bolter w/Assault Cannon (90)

Landspeeder Squadron – (210)

Hvy Flamer w/ MultiMelta (70)

2 Multimelta (80)

Hvy Bolter w/ Hvy Flamer (60)

Heavy Support

Thunderfire Cannon – (100)

Vindicator – (115)

Whirlwind – (85)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I could have been your Adam...

This is me dicking around with new tools. Frankenstein's monster can never look happy unless he finally gets his dream of 2 - chicks - at - once.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Being a part of a hive mind, the pleasure merchants of Dis are among the most trusted and successful entrepreneurs in this sector. They do not feel the need to indulge in the personal frivolities and vices of other races, making them immune to deceptions and bribes.

Individuals or not, every sentient race needs cash and resources to ensure their survival in the infinite beyond.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Birth of 7 Years Ago Tonight...

I sort of get the feeling that the fire under your ass and the creative drive of God are one and the same. Need and desperation inspires innovation.

In my case, need has spawned in me the desire to do what I should have done long ago. Blog about myself and all of my narcissistic glory. While posting pictures and thoughts on the interwebz is hardly innovation, it is new to me.

So, enjoy interwebs!

Here are a couple drawings from a recent life drawing session...